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The perfect first step into fiction. Each of these books contains 3 short stories, accompanied with black and white illustrations, to build reading confidence.   BUNDLE CONTAINS Toffee and Pie...
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The perfect first step into fiction. Each of these books contains 3 short stories, accompanied with black and white illustrations, to build reading confidence.



Toffee and Pie

John and his traveller family have moved on again and John has to start at another school. He doesn't like being the new boy, but his horse, Pie, shows how easy it can be to make friends.


Happy Birthday x3

Birthday surprises are in store for the triplets in this enjoyable family story. The triplets' sixth birthday is coming up and the girls insist on buying individual presents for each other. They set out on a big shopping trip, but it's hard to choose – what will be just right for their sisters? Jo, Amy and Jess eventually find the perfect gift, but when the big day arrives, they end up playing with the things they gave rather than what they received! Perhaps they chose more for themselves than they realized.


Mia's Magic Uncle

“Your uncle is amazing,” Mia’s friends tell her. “Yes,” agrees Mia. “He is magic.” Mia’s Uncle Robbie is amazing – he knows lots of magic tricks, like how to produce an egg from Mia’s ear, or how to turn a red hanky into a green one. One kind of magic he hasn’t yet learnt, however, is how to make his legs work. But this doesn't stop him from being the best uncle Mia could wish for!


Not Like Me

Tilly and Lizzie look the same, but in other ways they couldn't be more different. Tilly climbs trees, Lizzie makes lists; Tilly makes a mess, Lizzie tidies up. They're both happy the way they are - but can they ever get on?


Parrot Park

All the Murphys live at Parrot Park: Mammy and Daddy and six sisters and brothers. Nothing stands still at number 53! If you look closely, even the gras is quietly growing.


Drusilla and Her Brothers

Drusilla is tired of her brothers teasing her and trying to make her cry. She's too clever to show that she cares, but when her favourite toy, Mrs Mu, goes missing, she's had enough. Drusilla needs to find Mrs Mu and show her brothers who's boss.


Little Witch

Little Witch's favourite things are broom races with her best friend Billy Wicked an lemon-and-slime ice-cream with crunchy spider sprinkles. She woulf love to eat marshmallows for breakfast tioo, but she's stuck with toadflakes. Little Witch doesn't mean to get into mischief. Somehow though, she always does.


Robin Hood's Day

This weekend it’s Jimmy’s turn to take Patchy Pat, the class doll, home with him. So, Jimmy and his family take Patchy along on a day trip to Nottingham, where they spend the day at the Robin Hood exhibition and dress up as heroes and villains from Sherwood Forest! The day is exciting – until the moment when they realise that Patchy Pat is no longer with them. Oh no! What will Mrs Khan have to say on Monday? A light-hearted and imaginative first reader that every child will relate to, with uncomplicated text and bright colour illustrations.


A Heart for Ruby

Ruby's class will be performing in the school Valentine's Day concert on Friday, but there's just one problem - Ruby can't dance. Try as she might, she just can't make herself lighter than air like everyone else. She always comes down with a thump! Auntie Pooja tells Ruby a story about how once, when she was at a party, she danced so hard that one of her favourite ruby heart earrings flew off, and she never found it. Now she lends Ruby the remaining one for luck and Ruby is delighted. But she wishes she had the other one too - if only she could wear both earrings at the concert, she's sure it will go like magic. Can she find the second ruby before Friday, and will it help her to soar?


Nick Mack's Good Luck

Nick Mack’s best friend, Ellie, has a dog called Newton, whom she says is as much Nick’s dog as hers. But Nick still wants a pet of his own. When Aunt Terri comes to visit Nick finds a four-leaf clover in the park – and his good luck soon kicks in… Walker Stories support beginner readers making the transition from picture books in an engaging, entertaining and accessible way. Each title features three highly-illustrated, individual short stories linked by one character, so readers can build familiarity and confidence.

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