Books That May Help Explain Your Growing Family

by Natalia Thomas

For some parents, growing their family is a very exciting step in their lives but most first-borns would disagree.

What is this new little thing that smells strange?
Why does it cry all the time?
Does this mean that Mommy or Daddy won't play with me anymore?

Here's a few books we'd recommend to help your little one become more open to the idea of having a new member in the family:


Author: Paula Metcalf

“If you’re thinking about getting a sister or you want to understand one you already have, this guide is for you.”

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Author: Claire Freedman & Judi Abbot

“Brothers and sisters are the best and all of us agree, through good days, bad days, rain or shine, we love our family!

Celebrate family love in all its forms in this funny and joyful picture book filled with adorable animals!”

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Author: Liz Pichon

“When Mum and Dad announce they have a special surprise for Little Croc, he’s hoping it’s a PET… not a pesky BABY SISTER!

A reassuring tale for big brothers and sisters, from the brilliantly funny, prizewinning creator of the bestselling TOM GATES fiction series.”

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Author: Abie Longstaff & Jane Massey

“When Mummy and Daddy told me I was going to be a big brother; I was so excited. I knew that the baby was going to be special - I just had to wait.

This warm and funny celebration of the bond between siblings is perfect to share with your first-born.”

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Author: Tony Ross

“‘We’re going to have a new baby,’ said the King.

‘Oh goody!’ said the Little Princess. ‘I want a sister!’

The Little Princess discovers she can’t always get what she wants! Perfect for young children expecting a new brother or sister.”

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