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R 299.00 R 399.00
R 299.00 R 399.00
Explore The Wonders Of History, Science, Space, Nature, And More With The Ultimate Encyclopaedia For Children. Packed With More Than 10,000 Stunning Photographs, Illustrations, And...
Gold Stars My First Picture Dictionary
6% OFF  
R 99.00 R 105.00
This Gold Stars First Dictionary Uses Picture-Based And Word-Based Definitions To Teach New Vocabulary. Dimensions : 11 X 215 X 270 mm Format : Paperback...
100 Things To Be When You Grow Up Pocket Book
36% OFF  
R 99.00 R 155.00
Who Says Adults Can't Have Fun? This Book Explores 100 Of The Coolest, Wackiest, And Most Amazing Jobs And Careers Out There, From Astronaut To...
I Wonder Why Zips Have Teeth
59% OFF  
R 49.00 R 120.00
R 49.00 R 120.00
This Highly Popular And Long-Running Series Has Been Revamped For A New Generation Of Readers, With A Clean, Crisp Redesign And Colourful Covers. The Series...
Kings Queens Emperors And Rotten Wart Nosed Commoners H/B
87% OFF  
R 25.00 R 190.00
"PARP!"&Nbsp; Pssst! Do You Know The Story About Queen Elizabeth I (1533-1603) And The -- Er -- Farting Courtier? One Day, When Bowing Low To...
Childrens Illustrated Encyclopedia
23% OFF  
R 329.00 R 430.00
From Dinosaurs To Digital Technology, This Illustrated Encyclopedia Is Arranged From AZ On Subjects Children Need To Know About, All Illustrated With Photos, Cutaways, Charts...
Handwriting Ages 5-7
R 29.00
Titles In This Series: Adding And Subtracting Ages 5-7 Dividing And Multiplying Ages 5-7 Counting Ages 5-7 ?Hand-Writing Ages 5-7 Dimensions : Format : Paperback...
Rotten Romans Sticker Books
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R 20.00 R 109.95
R 20.00 R 109.95
A New Departure From The Horrible Histories Brand, These New Sticker Books Complement The Traditional Format And Add An Extra 'Must-Have' For All Horrible Histories...
What'S Happening To Me? (Boy) What'S Happening To Me? (Boy)
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R 89.00 R 170.00
Growing Up Is A Whole Lot Easier If You Have Some Idea What To Expect. This Book Describes Exactly What Will Happen To Your Body...
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R 20.00 R 122.00
R 20.00 R 122.00
Find Out About The Many Colourful Italian Festivals Celebrated In Honour Of Patron Saints, Including Christmas, New Year, Epiphany, Carnival And Easter. Learn What Foods...
I Love Ponies
R 69.00
R 69.00
Wonderfully Illustrated With Color Photos And Lively Illustrations, This Book Will Delight Children Who Own A Pony, Who Expect To Own One--And Even Kids Who...
Polar Lands
73% OFF  
R 20.00 R 75.00
R 20.00 R 75.00
Introduces Readers To The Poles. This Book Helps Children Meet The People Who Live Inside The Arctic Circle, And The Scientists Who Work In Antarctica....
My Groot Boek Oor Dans
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R 79.00 R 170.00
R 79.00 R 170.00
Maak Jou Litte Los En Ontdek Die Opwinding Van Dans – Betowerende Ritmes, Passies, Musiek, Kostuums En Dansers! Maak Kennis Met Wereldbekende Choreograwe, Regisseurs, En...
Young Genius Digestion
R 69.00
Young Genius Is A Bright Little Boy Who Escorts Children Through The Pages Of Amusing And Instructive Colour-Illustrated Books That Describe The Human Body. In...
Amazing Africa
61% OFF  
R 79.00 R 200.00
R 79.00 R 200.00
Amazing Africa: The Continent With The Greatest Desert And The Longest River; The Biggest Land Mammal And The Largest Bird; The Highest Free-Standing Mountain; The...
Voorsprong Afrikaans Jaar 7-8
37% OFF  
R 19.00 R 29.99
Op Soek Na 'N Reeks Prettige Boeke Propvol Wiskundeaktiwiteite Om Jou Kind Ure Lank Besig Te Hou – En Boonop Te Help Met Skoolgereedheid? Die...
Voorsprong Wiskunde Jaar 6-7
37% OFF  
R 19.00 R 29.99
Op Soek Na 'N Reeks Prettige Boeke Propvol Wiskundeaktiwiteite Om Jou Kind Ure Lank Besig Te Hou – En Boonop Te Help Met Skoolgereedheid? Die...
World Of Discovery Titanic
R 99.00
On The 15Th Of April 1912, The ""Unsinkable"" RMS Titanic Collided With An Iceberg And Sank. Investigate How The Ship Was Built And The Events...
The Slimy Stuarts
51% OFF  
R 59.00 R 119.95
R 59.00 R 119.95
Readers Can Discover All The Foul Facts About The SLIMY STUARTS, Including Why Some Slimy Stuarts Ate Toads, Snails And Fleas, Which King Picked His...
Deep Sea Monsters
R 39.00
Dive Into An Ocean Full Of Prehistoric Monsters In This Deep-Sea Sticker And Activity Book. Packed With Exciting Puzzles, Interesting Factfiles And Over 50 Stickers...
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