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Lucinda Riley - The International No. 1 Bestselling Author

by Natalia Thomas on May 11, 2022

The late Lucinda Riley is the author of 15 novels, which includes the reader's favourite Seven Sisters series, started writing in her early 20s.

Every single one of her books are a hit and we've put together the order in which to read her books!


Seven Sisters Series:

  1. The Seven Sisters

  2. The Storm Sister

  3. The Shadow Sister

  4. The Pearl Sister

  5. The Moon Sister

  6. The Sun Sister

  7. The Missing Sister

  8. Atlas: The Story of Pa Salt (Unreleased)

Stand Alone Books*:

  • The Italian Girl

  • The Light Behind The Window

  • The Angel Tree

  • The Olive Tree

  • The Love Letter

  • The Midnight Rose

  • The Butterfly Room

  • The Murders at Fleat House



*Only books listed on RW reflected


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