Michael Grant's Gone Series Is a Must-Read for Children and Teens Alike

by Lisa Bulpin
Gone Series by Michael Grant


If you're looking for a new book series to get your children or teens hooked on, look no further than Michael Grant's Gone series. This post-apocalyptic adventure series is perfect for readers who enjoy a good mystery with a touch of the supernatural thrown in.

Gone series by Michael Grant

The Gone Series follows the residents of a small town in California that is mysteriously cut off from the rest of the world by an invisible barrier. As the townspeople try to figure out what has happened, they must also contend with the fact that all adults have disappeared, leaving only children and teenagers behind. To make matters worse, many of the children have developed supernatural powers.

As the series progresses, the characters must not only deal with the everyday challenges of living in a society without adults, but must also face dangerous adversaries who are determined to get their hands on the town's resources. The books are packed with action, suspense, and mystery, making them impossible to put down.

gone series by michael grant

Michael Grant's Gone series is a great choice for readers who are looking for an exciting, fast-paced book series that they won't be able to put down. If you have children or teens who enjoy adventure stories with a touch of the supernatural, this is definitely a series that they will love.

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