Reader’s Recommends: Must-Read Books for Adults! 6 November 2023

by Ancke Pieterse


Join us for another captivating discussion on the latest and greatest adult fiction and non-fiction titles, from all your favourite publishers!

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Nicholas Sihlangu: Jacana Media
Hot Water by Nadine Dirks
Hot Water by Nadine Dirks
Hot Water is an intimate and daring look into the life of a young African woman from the Cape Flats with a chronic illness.

Paperless by Buntu Siwisa
Paperless by Buntu Siwisa
This is a book about migrants, legal and illegal, out of time, on the wrong side of the UK’s department of immigration. They are paperless.

Why Banks Fail by David Buckham
Why banks Fail by David Buckham

In a world where banks are perceived as unshakable fortresses, there is a worrying truth that lies just beneath the surface: banks are far more fragile and fail more frequently than we choose to believe.



Frances Thorndike – Pan Macmillan South Africa
Same as Ever by Morgan Housel
Same as Ever by Morgan Housel
From the author of the international blockbuster, THE PSYCHOLOGY OF MONEY, a powerful new tool to unlock one of life’s most challenging puzzles.

Misbelief by Dan Ariely
Misbelief by Dan Ariely

Misinformation affects us daily, from social media to politics and even personal relationships. Policing social media alone cannot solve the complex problem shaped by partisan politics and subjective interpretations of truth.

What's Your Money Personality? by Vangile Makwakwa
Whats Your Money Personality? by Vangile Makwakwa
What's Your Money Personality? will change the way you view and manage your individual and family finances.



Annalise Lukas: Jonathan Ball Publishers
Friends, Lovers and the Big Terrible Thing by Matthew Perry
Friends, Lovers and the Big Terrible Thing by Matthew Perry
Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing is an unforgettable memoir that is both intimate and eye-opening - as well as a hand extended to anyone struggling with sobriety. Unflinchingly honest, moving, and uproariously funny, this is the book fans have been waiting for.

Iron Flame by Rebecca Yarros
Iron Flame by Rebecca Yarros

The fiery sequel to the Sunday Times bestseller and TikTok sensation Fourth Wing.

King of Greed by Ana Huang (Pre-order Now!)
Kinf of Greed by Ana Huang
A brand-new steaming billionaire romance from the best selling author of the Twisted series!


Wade Jonklass: Jonathan Ball Publishers

The Woman In Me by Britney Spears
The Woman in me by Britney Spears
The impact of sharing her voice her truth was undeniable, and it changed the course of her life and the lives of countless others.

How To Say Babylon by Safiya Sinclair (Pre-order Now!)

An extraordinary and inspiring memoir of family, education and resilience, from award-winning poet Safiya Sinclair.

When the Filter Fades by Janine Jellars
When the Filter Fades: A Novel bt Janine Jellars
For three young women in Joburg, the new age of internet celebrity presents them with obstacles, opportunities, opulence and a chance at fame, fortune and fierce fashion.


Sunè Raspel: Blue Weaver Sales and Marketing
Beyond the Ranges by Riaan Vorster (Pre-order Now!)
Beyond the Ranges by Riaan Vorster
Mathew Travis, a discontented boat repairman caught up in a dull and aimless existence, sets out on a quest to realise his boyhood dream of exploring the Amazon.

The Train House on Lobengula Street by Fatima Kara (Pre-order Now!)
The Train House on Lobengula Street by Fatima Kara
In this affectionate picture of a little-documented African cultural milieu, first-time author Fatima Kara digs into her own memories of life as a Gujarati in Bulawayo, conjuring up the brilliant colours, mouth-watering foods and exotic plant life of a region she remains devoted to and wants us to love as she does.

Bluebeard's Castle by Anna Biller (Pre-order Now!)
Bluebeard's Castle by Anna Biller
Filled with dark humor and evocative imagery, Bluebeard’s Castle is a subversive take on modern romance and Gothic erotica.

Reader’s Warehouse Top 5
The Armour of Light by Ken Follett

Taking the reader straight into the heart of history with the fifth novel in the ground-breaking Kingsbridge series, The Armour of Light is master storyteller Ken Follett’s most ambitious novel to date.

The Covenant Of Water by Abraham Verghese

Spanning the years 1900 to 1977, The Covenant of Water follows a family in southern India that suffers a peculiar affliction: in every generation, at least one person dies by drowning - and in Kerala, water is everywhere.

The Last Devil To Die by Richard Osman

The fourth book in the record-breaking Thursday Murder Club series from British national treasure Richard Osman!

Rassie - Bookplate signed edition

Readers will enjoy the behind-the-scenes information about interactions and controversies and previously untold stories from a truly maverick life.

Leo by Deon Meyer

n Student se dood in die berg naby Stellenbosch lyk verdag.

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