Readers Recommends - 15 May 2023

by Meghan America


Reader's Recommends is our weekly live session, streamed live on Facebook, where we recommend the best, the popular and the latest Reads from all genres and WHY you should read them! 

This week our representative, Thomas Bulpin, was joined by 2 amazing reps: Verushka Louw from Jonathan Ball publishers and Frances Thorndike from Pan Macmillan South Africa.

They discussed an exciting range of titles and adventures that would captivate any young reader's imagination!

Frances' Recommends: 

Zandi's Song by Zandile Ndhlovu

Despite living far away from the sea and never having learned to swim, Zandi dreams of the vast blue ocean teeming with colorful marine life. One day, the sea offers her a gift that transforms her life forever. Join Zandi on an incredible journey of discovery where she uncovers the secrets of a magical world!

Agents of S.U.I.T. by John Patrick Green

Meet Cilantro the Chameleon! Newly appointed Agent of S.U.I.T!*

Cilantro finally has a chance to prove herself . . . but her first big case is OUT OF THIS WORLD. As she begins to uncover a sheep-led worker’s rights revolt and an alien invasion conspiracy, can Cilantro earn her V.E.S.T.** and catch the bad guys?

*Special Undercover Investigation Teams
**Very Exciting Spy Technology

The Headmaster's List by Melissa de la Cruz

Following the tragic death of Chris Moore in a car accident, Argyle Prep is riddled with questions. Who was responsible for the crash, and who is to blame?

Set against the glitz and glamour of an elite LA private school, Melissa de la Cruz's first YA thriller is an addictive mystery perfect for fans of Gossip Girl and A Good Girl's Guide to Murder.

Verushka's Recommends: 

Fairytale Ninjas: Glass Slipper Academy by Paula Harrison

When Madame Hart is accused of taking Prince Inigo, the fairytale ninjas are sure that she isn’t behind the kidnapping. Can they use their new-found skills to catch the real villain? Or will their ballet teacher stay banished forever?

The Boy Who Saved A Bear by Nizrana Farook

A boy and a bear meet, become friends and have the adventure of their lives! The thrilling adventure set in a fictional Sri Lanka is jam-packed with peril, thieves and a terrifying bear!

Forget Me Not by Alyson Derrick 

Stevie can’t remember the girl she used to be after suffering a fall, however, the consequences of her memory loss impact every aspect of her life, including her relationship with the one person she can't seem to recall.

Thomas' Recommends: 

Nala Sings by Nonikiwe Mashologu

Nala Sings is a popular Setswana tale, infused with the beauty of nature that reimagines the much-loved African folktale, Tselane and the Giant, originally written in Sesotho.

The World's Worst Monsters by David Walliams

Dare you enter the world of MONSTERS?

Get ready for a monster of a book filled with ghosts, ogres, zombies, vampires, aliens, werewolves and mummies.

Beyond the Story: BTS Official Book by Myeongseok Kang

While many fans need no introduction to the group, BTS is a collective whose star power resonates with even the most casual listeners. Having already made history, their journey continues with the official BTS book, marking yet another milestone in their unforgettable legacy.

Reader’s Warehouse Top 5

Robodog by David Walliams

Embark on an adventure of superheroes and villains in this electrifying comic caper by No.1 bestseller David Walliams. Introducing Robodog: the ultimate crime-fighting machine!

Dog Man: Twenty Thousand Fleas Under The Sea by Dav Pilkey

Piggy is back and his latest scheme is his most sinister yet. Who are the new villains on the horizon, and where are they coming from? Who will come forward to save the city as these scoundrels seek to sabotage our Supa Buddies?


Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Diper Overloede by Jeff Kinney

Greg unwittingly joins his brother Rodrick's band, Löded Diper, only to discover the daunting realities of the rock 'n' roll lifestyle. Late nights, unpaid gigs, fights within the band, and monetary problems chip away at the excitement of it all.

Peppa Pig: My Busy Books

Welcome to the wonderful world of Peppa Pig! Join Peppa, George, Mummy Pig, and Daddy Pig on their next adventure, filled with contagious snorts of laughter. 

This engaging storybook lets children deepen their bond with their favourite Peppa Pig characters. Use the figurines to bring book scenes to life, or create exciting new adventures for Peppa, George, Mummy Pig, and Daddy Pig.

InvestiGators by John Patrick Green

Join Mango and Brash, alligator secret agents, as they fight crime, save the day and go undercover… in a bakery?

Armed with a moustache and a rolling pin the Investigators need to work together to find out who has kidnapped top chef Gustavo, and stop his recipes getting into the wrong hands!

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