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                Psychology & Sociology Books (242)

                12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos

                R 225.00R 280.00

                36 Questions That Changed My Mind About

                R 137.00R 175.00

                50 Psychology Classic

                R 149.00

                A Practical Guide to Child Psychology

                R 140.00R 180.00

                A Practical Guide To Family Psychology

                R 160.00R 205.00

                A Practical Guide to the Psychology of Parenting Teenagers : Understand Your Teen

                R 160.00R 205.00

                Beyond Order - 12 More Rules For Life

                R 290.00


                R 187.00R 240.00

                Blueprint: How Our Childhood Makes Us Who We Are

                R 179.00R 355.00

                Can We All Be Feminists

                R 169.00R 335.00

                Changing Mind

                R 273.00R 350.00

                Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

                R 159.00R 205.00


                R 265.00R 340.00

                Designing Your Work Life

                R 273.00R 350.00

                Emotional Intelligence

                R 180.00


                R 160.00R 240.00

                Finding Meaning : The Sixth Stage Of Grief

                R 266.00R 340.00

                Five Love Languages Of Family

                R 250.00R 279.94

                Five True Things

                R 172.00R 220.00

                Get Over It! : Thought Therapy For Healing The Hard Stuff

                R 301.00R 385.00
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