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The Pelican Brief
Peter Gonsalves (Johannesburg, ZA)
great book

Very Exciting as usual

A Painted House
Peter Gonsalves (Johannesburg, ZA)
great book

I think this is a book worth reading more than once

The Wanted
Peter Gonsalves (Johannesburg, ZA)
great book

Another great book in the series.

The Night Fire
Peter Gonsalves (Johannesburg, ZA)

Another great book in the series.

The Dealer And The Dead
Peter Gonsalves (Johannesburg, ZA)
great book

Gerald Seymour's books are always exciting and great to read.

Never Say Die
TG (Johannesburg, ZA)
Never say die

Absolutely brilliant!!! Finished in record time, couldn’t put it down. Alex riders series would Definitely recommend

One Piece, Vol. 1
wickus deale (Johannesburg, ZA)

Awesome book

Lovely collection

My little one is enjoying the books. Easy read for learning and beautifully illustrated.

A Million Little Pieces
Michelle Hurwitz (Johannesburg, ZA)
“Addicted” to this book

A brilliant read- I cannot put it down. The reader can feel the rawness and vulnerability through the writing. Detailed description of what goes on in an addicts head and body! A must read for those who need a book to take them to another place where they can feel the pain and love that this book brings

War Cry
Werner Wilken (Johannesburg, ZA)

I am a huge Wilbur Smith fan and love his books.

Grave Murder
Susan LerM (Johannesburg, ZA)
Grave murders

Close to home. Bone chilling, exciting reading material

Serial Killers: Addicted to Murder
Susan LerM (Johannesburg, ZA)
Serial killers

Excellent book. Got to know more killers that were previously unknown to me

Fun fast and action packed

My son loves this series - he was thrilled with the booked

Paw Patrol - My Busy Book
ilhaam davids (Cape Town, ZA)

My daughter loved this set. She is 3 and loves reading time. The figurines are great and a good size. Did not receive the 2 cars as depicted in the picture.

The Pearl Sister - Book 4
Adri Deetlefs (Pretoria, ZA)
The pearl sister

Love reading this book. Can't put book down.
Readers Warehouse delivered books in perfect condition even during difficult times in Gauteng.

This Man Confessed
Karissa Le Roux (Cape Town, ZA)
All good so far!

I’m still busy with this third instalment in this series and I’m enjoying it tremendously so far. Jessa and Ava’s relationship gets strong but they’re both stubborn control freaks who get in their own way most of the time. I just want to smack some sense into both of them sometimes. I’m rooting for them though!

Beneath This Man
Karissa Le Roux (Cape Town, ZA)
Epic Sequel!

The sequel to the first novel, This Man is jam packed with exciting story development and just when you think things are finally getting better, something else happens. This book will surely keep you on your toes! I finished book 1 & 2 in the space of a couple of days because I just couldn’t put it down. I absolutely HAD TO know what happens next.

Best series I’ve read in a really long time

This Man
Karissa Le Roux (Cape Town, ZA)
Excellent read!

I really enjoyed this book! It’s written incredibly well making it easy to read and the storyline isn’t something I’ve heard before. You won’t be disappointed!

The Art Of Deception
Rushana Wood Mguda (Johannesburg, ZA)
The art of deception

What a way with words... I thoroughly enjoyed every moment with this book, it was hard to put it down

Macgregor Grooms
Rushana Wood Mguda (Johannesburg, ZA)
McGregor Grooms

Nora Roberts knows how to write, it keeps me in suspense and intrigued throughout the book... Just love the way she writes

Book Club
Monica Schlebusch (Thabazimbi, ZA)

I loved this book, dark and twisted. It was beautifully written and definitely a page turning read.

Insiders Guide Top Wildlife
Russel (Johannesburg, ZA)
Great Book

This book is great for someone who really wants the best opportunity to take good photos, it actually has much more information than I thought, Great buy.

In Africa 250 Piece Puzzle
Helen Spaltman (Cape Town, ZA)
Dragon Sticker Book

Very happy - hours of fun

Usborne - My Reading Library 50 Books Set Collection
Nicolette Soufis-Rapelas (Johannesburg, ZA)

My children 3 and 5 absolutely love these books.

Great quality. Affordable. Favorite night time reading. Love LBB range.