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Biff Chip And Kipper Stage 4 Collection
Colleen Phillips (Durban, ZA)
Biff Chip and Kipper Level 4 set BIG FOOT MYSTERIES.

Absolutely spot on for my 8 year old Granddaughter. she is actually a stage ahead of these books but she's loving having "easier" reading to do and it's improving her fluidity and expression.

Shamanism Made Easy
Mike Balkissoon (Durban, ZA)
SHAMANISM MADE EASY by Christa Mackinnon

The writer Christa Mackinnon comes across as a very knowledgeable practitioner of Shaminism. Her insight traces the fundamentals and historical origins of Shamanism and welds her knowledge to current Shamanic practice. Of interest is her research which traces Shamanic practice across the world and its effects on societies. The work is presented simply and methodically, making understanding easy and it lives up to the description Shamanism Made Easy. An excellent start for a beginner or someone who wishes to understand this fascinating practice.

Pickup Instore
Mary Whitworth (Boksburg, ZA)

Very professional service.

Percy Jackson 5 Book Collection
Julie Ferguson (Johannesburg, ZA)

Books arrived before I expected them, thank you for such fantastic service. These are a Christmas present but my son has them on his wishlist so I'm sure he'll be excited to dive right in.

Pickup Instore
Ramona (Johannesburg, ZA)

Very happy with my books thank you for excellent service

The Promise
Carole Knight (Cape Town, ZA)
Excellent read

Took me back in time. A captivating story, found it hard to put down. Readers warehouse also gets 5 stars for prompt delivery and great service

Pickup Instore
Jenni (Johannesburg, ZA)
Good service

It was a pleasure

A Court Of Thorns And Roses
Lauren Murphy (Johannesburg, ZA)
A great read

A fresh fantasy world that you can immerse yourself in

Pickup Instore
Anonymous (Cape Town, ZA)
Pickup Worked beautifully

Efficient process as the pickup was done with so much ease and the staff was friendly! Thanks Valorie!! Recommended!!

Ammarah (Johannesburg, ZA)

Loved this book ,such an amazing plot

The Course In Miracles Experiment
Madeleine du Toit (Johannesburg, ZA)
Great book

If you ever thought about doing A course in miracles but just never felt you had the time or the big blue book was just difficult to get through then this is the book for you. Pam has a lovely way of expressing things and she takes all the complications out. So you are left with quirky text that is both thought provoking and funny, yet life changing all the same.

Excellent Service!

Very happy with the quality of the puzzle! Fast and efficient service and delivery...Very happy with the overall transaction.

Scatterling of Africa: My Early Years
Anne McDade (Gateshead, GB)

This book was bought for a Christmas present so not able to review yet.

Ultimate Pregnancy And Beyond Bundle
Charlotte Fourie (Cape Town, ZA)
Excellent starter pack for a mom to be!

This bundle has everything a mom to be needs. Excellent value for money.

Scarlet and Ivy Collection
Nicole Pillay (Johannesburg, ZA)
Wonderful read

I bought these books for my twin daughters who love mystery stories and I decided to read it first to see if it was ok for them, I'm on the 3rd book and can't put it down.

The stories are set in the 1930s were these sisters are not only solving mysteries around the school but also discovering thier individuality.

As a result it's a very new type of style for my girls and they are very excited to start reading it for themselves.

Hello Kitty Christmas Fun
Hello Kitty Christmas Activity

So cute and filled with fun activities. ❤️

Peppa Pig - Advent Calendar Book Collection
Melody Clarke (East London, ZA)

My daughter is going to absolutely love her Peppa Pig Advent calendar. It's perfect

The Nativity: Playscene Pack
Dale Hawley (Durban, ZA)
Awesome book!

I bought this for my 6&4 year old to instill the real story of Christmas and we had such fun building it and learning too! It is great value for money and exceeded my expectations by far...LOVE IT!

Lovely collection for girls aged 6 - 10. My kids absolutely love it. Also very well priced.

Don't Tickle The Bear
Nisa De Jager (Wellington, ZA)

My 1,5 year old LOVES this book. The texture and sounds are very entertaining. Great quality.

Wonky Donkey Bag of Books
Nisa De Jager (Wellington, ZA)

Absolutely great combo, my kids love all the books especially wonky donkey.

Peppa Pig - Advent Calendar Book Collection
Bianca Sneddon (Durban, ZA)

Excellent quality. Very happy with my purchase.

Leigh (Klerksdorp, ZA)
demon child trilogy

Good read; captivating story , hard to put down . Wish i can have all her books. Its a shame only one book of Jennifer Fallon is available on this site. I would buy all her books.

Pickup Instore
Heather Trentini (Johannesburg, ZA)

Very efficient. Good option if you live close to a store.

Guinness World Records 2022
Wendy Wade (Johannesburg, ZA)
Guinness World Records 2022

Great quality and worth the investment.