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Harry Potter 2 Chamber Of Secrets

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These stunning editions, with cover illustrations by Jonny Duddle, are now available in hardback and paperback.

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Marvelously Magical

The second installment in the Harry Potter series, The Chamber of Secrets builds more on the wizarding world created in the first book. This book is very cleverly written so that all ages can enjoy it (I love to reread these books to find the little details hidden that reveal important plots later). The writing style starts to progress in this book; the first being very light and almost cartoonish in its descriptions while this book carries more realistic tones.
Anyone who enjoys magic and fantasy should definitely give this a go!

Selwyn (Durban, ZA)
Harry Potter Never Gets Old

A timeless book, that no matter how many times you read it. It's as amazing as the first. J k Rowling outndoes her self in the 2nd installment by creating a world that everyone wishes they were part of. I know i certainly would be there in a heartbeat. The chamber of secrets like implies in the name, takes the reader on a bone chilling Rollercoaster ride as you experience Harry potters latest venture as he finds out shocking secrets.

Taylor Nicol (Cape Town, ZA)
Dobby, Ginny and Tom Riddle

As a big Harry Potter fan it was hard for me to decide on a favourite, but this book was the most interesting and dangerous one for me. Ginny had always been my favourite character along with Hermione! This book dives deep into Tom Riddles, aka Voldermort, childhood. With the influence of a diary, a little girl and the sickened kids at Hogwarts. I recommend this book for 3 years and up.

Alyssa (Johannesburg, ZA)
Childhood dream

This new edition of The Chamber of Secrets is a perfect gift for any young person. The cover art itself will grasp your attention. This book is the second book in the Harry Potter series and it never disappoints. It’s filled with magic and mystery and is one of my all time favourites.

Lucy Van Zweel (Johannesburg, ZA)
A big yes

really enjoyed this one. Can you imagine having a secret chamber in your house or school! Excitement galore