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7 Things Every Young Black Entrepreneur Should Know
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7 Things Every Young Black Entrepreneur Should Know

Author: Karabo Che Mokoape
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The 7 Things Every Young Black Entrepreneur Should Know is a practical and inspirational guidebook aimed at empowering the next generation of young black entrepreneurs. The odds of success for any entrepreneur are poor. The odds of success for young black entrepreneurs are abysmal. The aim of this book is to assist them to improve those odds. 

And with South Africa's low employment levels, there has never been a better time for young black people to set off on the road to entrepreneurship. All the information in this book is based on the author's decades of experience as an entrepreneur and represents a distillation of the most important lessons he's learnt. 

Readers will be empowered to understand how to leverage their strengths, minimise their weaknesses, count the true cost of success, be patient, distinguish between good and bad ideas, manage risk, raise funding wisely and build shared prosperity - all from the perspective of a young black entrepreneur.

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