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Susin Nielsen Collection - 3 Books
Susin Nielsen Collection - 3 Books
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Susin Nielsen Collection - 3 Books

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Susin Nielsen writes fresh and contemporary teen tales that are warm-hearted and cover tricky subjects with wit and candour. Perfect for fans of Wonder and Annabel Pitcher, these heartfelt stand-alone stories cover themes of families, inclusivity and fitting in.

My Messed-up Life finds Violet's dad leaving her and her mum for a 'new' and improved family. She's not impressed with her mum's new boyfriend so sets her sights on a man who will be the perfect partner and stepdad: George Clooney.

We Are All Made of Molecules finds Stewart missing his late mum. His loneliness is even more apparent now he's moved in with the popular Ashley and her mum. Stewart can't quite fit in at school and Ashley can't get used to her awkward new home. And then they both attract the attention of the school hunk, Jared...

Word Nerd is about a friendless nerd called Ambrose Bukowski and what happens when bullies try to kill him by putting a peanut in his sandwich... Format: paperback Titles in Collection We are All Made of Molecules Word Nerd My Messed-up Life

Titles List:

  • My Messed-up Life
  • We Are All Made of Molecules
  • Word Nerd