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    Africa South of the Sahara: A Geographical Interpretation

    R2 823,00
    This authoritative, widely adopted text provides a broad introduction to the geography of Africa south of the Sahara. The book analyzes the political, economic, social, and environmental processes that shape resource use and development in this large, diverse region. Students gain a context for understanding current development debates and addressing questions about the nature and sustainability of contemporary changes. Timely topics include the rise of foreign investment in Africa, the evolving geographies of rural-urban linkages, the birth of the Republic of South Sudan, and advances in the struggle against HIV/AIDS.
    New to This Edition:
    *Fully updated to reflect the latest data and trends in development.
    *Chapters on development theory, cultural and societal diversity, the political geography of postindependence Africa, economic integration, and the geography of poverty.
    *Substantially revised coverage of gender dynamics, urban living environments, mineral and energy resources, and many other topics.
    Pedagogical Features Include:
    *Vignettes in every chapter that provide detailed case studies from a variety of countries and elaborate on key concepts.
    *Recommendations for further reading on each topic, including print and online sources.
    *Companion website with downloadable PowerPoint slides of all original figures, photos, and tables.
    *An extensive glossary.

    The Ethnopoetics of Space and Transformation: Young People's Engagement, Activism and Aesthetics

    R3 553,00
    Aitken examines key life-changing events to look at the interconnections between space, politics, change and emotions. Analysing the intricate spatial complexities of these events, he explores the emotions that undergird the ways change takes place, and the perplexing spatial politics that almost always accompany transformations.

    The Globalized City: Economic Restructuring and Social Polarization in European Cities

    R2 909,00
    This text explores the dynamics that have accompanied the implementation of largescale Urban Development Projects (UDPs) in nine European cities within the European Union (EU).

    Economic Geography

    R3 803,00
    This book offers information and resources for users, including several new and enhanced chapters and images. It explores the ways in which economic relationships across space are established and maintained and the blurred line between economic processes and the social and cultural contexts in which they are embedded.

    Ships on Maps: Pictures of Power in Renaissance Europe

    R2 771,00
    Renaissance map-makers produced ever more accurate descriptions of geography, which were also beautiful works of art. They filled the oceans Europeans were exploring with ships and to describe the real ships which were the newest and best products of technology. Above all the ships were there to show the European conquest of the seas of the world.

    Cities, Nature and Development: The Politics and Production of Urban Vulnerabilities

    R3 483,00
    Illustrates how and why cities are comprised by a mosaic of vulnerable human and ecological communities. Expanding upon snapshot vulnerability assessments, this book articulates vulnerability as a process that is marked by the accumulation of risk over time and the transference of risk across space and populations.

    Developments in Electoral Geography

    R3 484,00
    The essays in this collection show how electoral geography has shifted from empiricist activity towards a closer involvement with the wider issues addressed by social scientists. They illustrate the potential contributions that electoral geographers can make towards the understanding of global, national and local societies.

    The Geographies of Air Transport

    R2 725,00
    Making a detailed contribution to geographies of air transport and aeromobility, this book examines the practices and processes that produce particular patterns of air transport provision both regionally and globally. In so doing, it updates the seminal contributions of Eva Taylor (1945), Kenneth Sealy (1957).

    Economics of Cities: Theoretical Perspectives

    R3 319,00
    This integrated collection of essays exploring the economic theory of cities assembles work by a number of the world's leading exponents.

    Geographies of Urban Sound

    R3 553,00
    Taking into account both the urban soundscape and the impacts of sound on the urban dweller, this book examines sound not as a by-product of urban life, but as a fundamental part of the urban experience that is crucial to understanding the city�s sense of place. Illustrated by case studies from Europe and North America.

    Elemental Geosystems

    R2 602,00 R2 849,21

    The Geographical Unconscious

    R3 553,00
    This ambitious and innovative volume stretches over time and space, over the history of modernity in relation to antiquity, between East and West, to offer insights into what the author terms the 'geographical unconscious.' She argues that, by tapping into this.